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Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 9, 2012

My dream !

  When I was a baby , I usually liked dolls , I used to sew clothes for my dolls. After that, when I studied at high school, I decided to become a fashion designer , I drew a lot , I spent a lot of time with paper , colors and fabric. It is clear that, I used to be lazy in study at my school , so my exam result is not good , my family didn't believe me. Over more, my mother seem doubted about my talent at fashion. She didn't want me to study fashion, and all member in my family didn't want, too. Of course, I'll study business. After near one year, I'm seem feel tired , I want to do the thing I like, I want to do what I want. With a young girl, fashion designer is the dangerous job in Vietnam, because Vietnamese always thinks that the best way for children which is follow their parent careers. They don't care about what their children want to do.  But I will never give up because I have a strong love with fashion. I only appear that in the recent time. Now, I will use this blog to start my dream, to share something which I make :) I don't have a lot of money, thus I always try to buy something which is cheapest, and make the new thing from the old thing :).
   This is my lookbook :

This is one look of mine :D 

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